Lost in Myopia Land


     Mr. Tao by Gustaveson 1976 after the est training I began doing variations of this character I made up.  I see myself as an artist and writer, as spiritual and philosophical as a comic book afficionado, salesman (of comics and comic art) former store owner (2) and con thrower (1).

I have been lost in myopia land for about a week since missing San Diego Comic Con 2014.  But I pulled myself back together yesterday and enjoyed a film called Lucy.  I’m taking care of myself for awhile.  I have 25-50 Thousand high grade back issue comic books.  My main website (I have over 100 of them) is http://graphic-illusion.com

I have a BA in Journalism and you can hire me to video tape just about anything.  I have 4 channels at least on Youtube.  Comics:  urmzogna; Features: zero0aeo and funster13,  Undeveloped: robgustaveson, ninthnebula, graphicillusion1  (IN –ZERO O AEO– THE O I HAVE ISOLATED in the middle IS THE #ZERO.

Best to you all.  I have blogs elsewhere.

ninthnebula10@yahoo.com 541-359-3674

Find me as graphic-illusion on ebay and at facebook.